NautilusView lifecycle


I wonder how the lifecycle for a NautilusView is supposed to work.  Third
party views like gthumb image/catalog view or apotheke, which inherit from
a NautilusView object, don't get destroyed properly when you switch back
e.g. to a nautilus icon view [1]. The most annyoing thing is that they
left there possible merged menu/toolbar items (for apotheke you still have
all your CVS commands in the menu).

As far as I tracked this down a dispose or finalize method is neither 
called for the NautilusView nor for it's descendants. 

Can somebody enlighten me on this? Or is it just a bug in nautilus?

Best wishes,

[1] Don't take the eog image viewer as test here, because it implements
only the BonoboControl interface and is shut down correctly.

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