Re: NautilusView lifecycle

Hi Jens,

On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 15:06, Jens Finke wrote:
> I wonder how the lifecycle for a NautilusView is supposed to work.  Third
> party views like gthumb image/catalog view or apotheke, which inherit from
> a NautilusView object, don't get destroyed properly when you switch back
> e.g. to a nautilus icon view [1]. The most annyoing thing is that they
> left there possible merged menu/toolbar items (for apotheke you still have
> all your CVS commands in the menu).

	That sounds very much as if the de-activate is not working properly,
and/or the control is in the wrong 'auto-merge' state thing. I believe
the default for that is still stupid.

> As far as I tracked this down a dispose or finalize method is neither 
> called for the NautilusView nor for it's descendants. 

	Hmm; most odd, are you quite sure that no ref counting leak has crept
into nautilus or the a component ? this used to work fine for me [ but
is somewhat fragile wrt. user-created reference leaks ].

> Can somebody enlighten me on this? Or is it just a bug in nautilus?

	Quite possibly just a bug; what would be useful would be for you to do:
bonobo-slay; export ORBIT2_DEBUG=traces; nautilus [ with an ORBit2
compiled with --enable-debug ] and post a link to the trace so we can
see what's going on.

> [1] Don't take the eog image viewer as test here, because it implements
> only the BonoboControl interface and is shut down correctly.




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