Re: Recent improvements

Hey Michael,

Le 11/08/2017 à 05:27, Michael Terry a écrit :
I've had a fair bit of extra time to hack on deja-dup recently and
wanted to keep any casual watchers updated.

These are great news!


- I'm considering switching from Launchpad git to GNOME git. Maybe some
other infrastructure bits too? Like translations? Anybody have thoughts
on that?

You are probably aware of the fact GNOME intends to move from cgit and
bugzilla to gitlab? It should already be possible to request an access[1].

To me, if the plan is to tighten integration of Déjà-Dup within the
GNOME desktop, it makes total sense to move the code to the GNOME gitlab

Thanks for your work,
Mathieu Jourdan


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