Recent improvements

I've had a fair bit of extra time to hack on deja-dup recently and
wanted to keep any casual watchers updated.

- I've dropped support for special Unity cases. Now that Ubuntu is
re-aligned, we can focus more intently on GNOME. And the rest of these
notes are proof of that.

- Notifications in GNOME should be nicer. Please test and report
anything that doesn't work like a gnomie would expect.

- I've added support for GNOME Online Accounts. This could also use
testing. Right now I've only enabled Nextcloud. The only other account
type that exposes a file system is Google, which I'd like to enable, but
am working through some bugs with the gvfs folks.

- Once I enable Google, I'm thinking of hiding the other cloud options
by default (you'd have to enable them in dconf to have them appear in

-- Those cloud options are not super user friendly. Pointing at your
Google Drive is a thousand times better for a casual user than signing
up for Amazon S3 and dealing with global buckets and secret IDs, etc.

-- It lets us standardize on GIO. All default-visible backends would
simply be accessed through gvfs, simplifying code paths and letting us
share the work of supporting new backends with a wider community (and
spread the benefits more widely too). It also means we could more easily
support tools other than duplicity if we wanted.

-- Less oddities around dependencies needing to be installed for various
duplicity backends.

For now, I'm not removing any code supporting those four cloud backends
(S3, GCS, Rackspace, and OpenStack). I'm not sure I ever should (even if
we one day remove the option to back up to them, removing restoring
would strand existing data). But deprecating them is useful I think.

- I'm considering switching from Launchpad git to GNOME git. Maybe some
other infrastructure bits too? Like translations? Anybody have thoughts
on that?


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