Re: Hacking deja-dup

On 08/06/12 15:53, Michael Terry wrote:
> On 8 June 2012 10:51, Juan J. Martinez <juan memset com> wrote:
>> My UI currenly shows the Rackspace US URL by default and it lets you
>> change to anything you want. It's my first stab to the problem.
>> I like A). When the user chooses "custom" he can enter the auth URL.
>> I don't think it's a good idea going with the "OpenStack" path if we're
>> not using OpenStack API (duplicity can't).
> Cool!  Thanks for explaining.  Let me know if I can help with any code
> questions.
> -mt

Take look at the code:

It's a WIP, although it's a simple change and you can probably take it
from there faster and better than me!

This I'll try to do when I have some time:

 - Improve the UI (the drop-down with US/UK/Custom sounds great!)
 - May be adding a (and compatible) string in the Rackspace selector
would be a good idea, although it's not important (OpenStack users
*know* Cloud Files is compatible)
 - I'm not sure how the URL parsing works and what would happen if the
user enters a malformed URL
 - I haven't added any test! (naughty!)

If you want an OpenStack compatible storage, my employer has a free
package. Let me know and I can provide you privately a link (I don't
want to abuse the mailing list).

Kind regards,


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