Re: Hacking deja-dup

On 08/06/12 15:22, Michael Terry wrote:
> I just updated ./tests/interactive to work with contemporary deja-dup.
> Run it from anywhere and you get a nice shell prompt with all the
> environment variables set as they should be, a new dbus environment,
> and a new dconf backend, so you don't mess with your normal settings.


> As for the Rackspace bug.  Is OpenStack a brand that a Rackspace-only
> user would know?

Rackspace Cloud Files is an implementation of OpenStack Cloud Files.

> If so and if OpenStack is a more generic version of the Rackspace API,
> maybe it makes sense to have the toplevel dropdown mention OpenStack
> with a secondary dropdown that appears allowing "Rackspace US",
> "Rackspace UK", and "Custom"...

OpenStack Object Storage is compatible with Rackspace Cloud Files API,
so I think the right approach is to add an authentication URL parameter
to the cloud files backend (actually I'm almost done doing that).

By default we use Rackspace US, and Rackspace UK or any OpenStack users
will know which auth URL use.

So for Rackspace US users won't be a change, and we get the extra
functionality needed to support Rackspace UK and OpenStack
implementations compatible con Cloud Files.

That's the way duplicity can be used with OpenStack (ie. ).

Do you think this is a good idea?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,


> -mt
> On 8 June 2012 09:02, Juan J. Martinez <juan memset com> wrote:
>> On 08/06/12 13:55, Michael Terry wrote:
>>> . [...]
>>> For tools, try running like:
>>> DEJA_DUP_TOOLS_PATH=./tools/duplicity ./preferences/deja-dup-preferences
>> That did the trick. Thanks!
>> I plan doing some work to fix this bug:
>> I'm going to add auth URL support to the Cloud Files configuration. With
>> that, both Rackspace UK and OpenStack Object Storage implementations
>> will work (duplicity supports them).
>> Should be easy... ;)
>> Kind regards,
>> Juan

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