Re: Hacking deja-dup

I just updated ./tests/interactive to work with contemporary deja-dup.

Run it from anywhere and you get a nice shell prompt with all the
environment variables set as they should be, a new dbus environment,
and a new dconf backend, so you don't mess with your normal settings.

As for the Rackspace bug.  Is OpenStack a brand that a Rackspace-only
user would know?

If so and if OpenStack is a more generic version of the Rackspace API,
maybe it makes sense to have the toplevel dropdown mention OpenStack
with a secondary dropdown that appears allowing "Rackspace US",
"Rackspace UK", and "Custom"...


On 8 June 2012 09:02, Juan J. Martinez <juan memset com> wrote:
> On 08/06/12 13:55, Michael Terry wrote:
>>. [...]
>> For tools, try running like:
>> DEJA_DUP_TOOLS_PATH=./tools/duplicity ./preferences/deja-dup-preferences
> That did the trick. Thanks!
> I plan doing some work to fix this bug:
> I'm going to add auth URL support to the Cloud Files configuration. With
> that, both Rackspace UK and OpenStack Object Storage implementations
> will work (duplicity supports them).
> Should be easy... ;)
> Kind regards,
> Juan

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