Re: Hacking deja-dup

On 8 June 2012 10:29, Juan J. Martinez <juan memset com> wrote:
> OpenStack Object Storage is compatible with Rackspace Cloud Files API,
> so I think the right approach is to add an authentication URL parameter
> to the cloud files backend (actually I'm almost done doing that).

It looks like you're talking about the backend stuff.  Which you seem
to have a handle on.

But I was curious more about the GUI side of things.  Like, if I'm
some random Rackspace cloud user, will I know what this "OpenStack"
thing is in the GUI?

I'm just trying to figure out whether it makes more sense to have the
toplevel entry in the "Backup location" dropdown be:
A) "Rackspace Cloud Files" with a sub-dropdown to specify "US/UK/Custom"
B) "OpenStack Cloud Files" with a similar sub-dropdown
C) Something else?  Maybe both as toplevels?


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