Re: Hacking deja-dup

Ah...  You are totally right.  There are some changes I made for the
23.x series that I haven't added to the documentation and
./tests/interactive hasn't been updated in forever to reflect that.

I updated the wiki to note libpeas-dev.

For tools, try running like:

DEJA_DUP_TOOLS_PATH=./tools/duplicity ./preferences/deja-dup-preferences

Which will still run the system deja-dup executable if you actually
click the backup or restore buttons.  So you either want to adjust
your PATH too or run a separate command line (./deja-dup/deja-dup
--backup) for that.

Really, I should just update ./tests/interactive.  I'll look into
doing that when I have some time.

If there are still problems, you can maybe catch me on Freenode as
mterry, or just send more emails.


On 8 June 2012 05:01, Juan J. Martinez <juan memset com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to add some functionality to deja dup (hopefullly!), so I'm
> following the wiki page:
> I've found a couple of problems on 12.04:
>  - for some reason I had valac-0.12 installed (may be because I upgraded
> from previous Ubuntu version?), and I had to install valac-0.16
> explicitly (the page mentions valac only, and it configure failed)
>  - libpeas-dev needs to be installed and it's not mentioned in the page
> After that everything seems OK, but I haven't found a way of running the
> built binaries without installing them.
> I've tried to run ./preferences/deja-dup-preferences from the project
> directory and it complains about being unable to start the backup tool
> (Could not find backup tool in /usr/local/libexec/deja-dup/tools.  Your
> installation is incomplete.); Ubuntu has nothing on that path or
> /usr/libexec/... for that matter.
> I tried to use a PREFIX in my home directory, but it doesn't work either.
> Is there any way of running the application without installing it?
> Kind regards,
> Juan
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