Re: How does beagle get stopped?


On 10/22/07, Max Wiehle <max wiehle gmail com> wrote:
> I took a look at the code and that is exactly what happens. But "beagle
> --fg" does not seem to return. I use it in a script that waits for
> beagled to return to stop the repository afterwards. This works fine
> with beagle-shutdown. However it does not seem to work when logging
> out /shutting down.

Hmm, then I guess the process isn't really exiting.  It's just
hanging.  You might want to try sending SIGQUIT to the process.  This
will cause it to print out a stack trace of every running thread.
That might give an indication of where in the code it is hanging.

I can't think of any good reason why it would be hanging for an
extended period of time.  Normally some delay is normal as beagled
signals beagled-helper to shut down, and it finishes indexing its
current batch of data, but this shouldn't be too long.


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