Re: Beagle-query and dates


On 10/17/07, DIMonS <dimons btconnect com> wrote:
> I was hoping to script beagle into checking multiple search terms on a daily
> basis outputting to a file so users can see results in a single file at
> start work.
> No problems .... except the daily part.  Misread the Searching_Data page and
> have realised that I cannot use the date: keyword to limit hits from
> "yesterday" only.
> Does anyone have any ideas on how I can overcome this hitch in my master
> plan?

It would be good to add support for date operators for things like
"yesterday", "2 weeks ago", etc.  But we don't have that yet.  I
suggest filing a bug in bugzilla or sending a patch. ;)

Beagle does support date queries, though.  So if you knew the date,
you could programmatically construct the extra query parameter, which
would be something like:


Check out the wiki for more info:


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