beagle-search: Showing the top 2 of 3 total matches

Beagle-search often doesn't show all search results.  Sometimes it says
something like showing the top 12 of 36 matches, and IIRC I've also seen
it saying something like "Showing the top 2 of 3 total matches".

How can I tell beagle-search to always give me access to all search
results?  Often I've hundreds of emails that match, and after those
email files (MH format, file names consist only of digits), I should get
what I'm looking for.

BTW, maybe the problem is due to a broken beagle database? Recently, I
moved it to a different partition, and during that process some files
didn't make it (IIRC because disk space maxed out - I later increased
it).  Carelessly assuming that beagle will fix it's database by itself,
I just ignored what had happened.  What's a good way to reset the

Felix E. Klee
Jabber: feklee jabber org, SIP: 9779619 sipgate de, Skype: felix.klee

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