beagle occasionally loses all the file backend index


I noticed that beagle loses the file backend index
about twice a month, as seen from the number of files
displayed by beagle-index-info, while the beagle
database in .beagle doesn't reduce in size.

I'm running beagle, mono
on opensuse 10.2, with reiserfs xattrs. The error
"System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: Address already
in use" appears in the index helper exceptions log
most of the times this has happened; once it might
mention a problem with the SQLlite database handling
if I remember correctly, though I cannot verify this,
as I deleted the .beagle directory at the time for
fear it were corrupted. I have skimmed through the
logs for any suspicious errors and warnings and I
couldn't find any. There are a few warnings about
compressed files and a couple of tex files that beagle
fails to open, they don't seem to be involved in this
though, as the index is lost only after indexing has
finished first and I rarely create indexable files. I
also noticed that a indexhelper process remained hung
after a beagle-shutdown after the problem manifested
itself today, so I had to kill it with SIGKILL
(SIGTERM failed).

Kind regards.

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