Re: Deleting indexed items


Current behaviour is not due to any policy :-) but lack of
implementation. I feel several things should be done
(1) Expire webhistory data in beagle after some time (user configurable)

Yeah, this should be really straightforward to add.  Basically the
indexing service backend will need a task that runs once a day and
does a date search.  Anything older than the threshold should be
scheduled for removal.  Since every time you visit a particular page
it gets reindexed, the timestamp of these items will always be

(2) Provide API and standard tool to let users delete specific items

Yep, beagle-master-delete-button is this tool and is an example of how
to use the API.

Clearing the web history index when clearing the browser cache is a
good idea too, if it's possible to notice that from an extension.
Maybe our Firefox extension SoC project could do that (hint, hint. :).


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