Re: Deleting indexed items


D Bera wrote:
Couple of months ago, a beagle-master-delete command line tool (or
something similar name) was added to beagle trunk that allows anyone
to delete any item from the index. It has not made it into any release
yet and I am not sure if it has any man page or wiki entry. Quoting
from memory, its used as "beagle-master-delete uri" where uri is the
_exact_ uri of the item (e.g. as reported by beagle-query).

Thanks. Thats what I searched. Worked almost fine (I had to copy the exe to /usr/local/...).

It depends on the backend. E.g. for web history backends, eternity.
For feed backends, (I think) as long the feedreader keeps them.

Is this a good policy? Every browser does have a "delete private data" button. Ok, you won't use beagle on a foreign system. But if the foreign system uses beagle? It appears strange to me that on the one hand every browser does have this option and beagle stores your browsing history for eternity.


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