Re: GSoc weekly report (Browser Extension Rewrite)


On 8/6/07, Tao Fei <filia tao gmail com> wrote:
> 2007/8/7, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org>:
> > I've been playing around with the new extension, and I'm seeing a
> > little inconsistent behavior with it.  I wonder if it's related to me
> > having the old Beagle extension installed as well (although I disabled
> > that one).
> Yes. That's the problem.
> I use the same preference name "beagle.enabled" with the old extension.
> Fixed now. Using "" now, the tooltip is also updated.
> "beagle.enabled" is wrong word, as it doesn't affect on-demand index.

Cool, I'll give it a test later today.

We should keep in mind a migration path for the old extension.
Ideally the new one will just be a drop-in replacement, and if we
could migrate the basic settings (ie, enabled/disabled and a
whitelist/blacklist) that would be ideal.  We'll may also want to use
the same UUID so that upgrades are done cleanly, if there's no method
for obsoleting other extensions.


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