Re: How to correctly re-index AFTER having set usr_xattr ?

I would say you actually found a bug :(. The "touch"ing was meant to figure
out the location of the problem. Since you fixed the problem it will be hard
to figure out exactly what was causing it. If this happens, please report

Actually, that was more mysterious than that... I took time to
investigate a little more.
In fact : all content of this Pictures directory WAS indexed. But the
search for the word "Apolline" didn't give any result, although it
gave results with Beagle 0.2.9 and no usr_xattr. As soon as I have
installed 0.2.11 and set usr_xattr, the search for "Apolline" did not
work anymore.
Say : I have the file Apolline_bedroom1.jpg
Before : "Apolline" gave me right results.
After : "Apolline" gave me NO result, but with "bedroom", it worked !
Strange, isn't it ? When I created Apolline_pyjama_rose.jpg in a new
directory, Beagle find Apolline in this new one, but still nothing in
the Pictures directory. As I have explained, I had to touch everything
in this Picture dir in order to have correct results again.
I don't understand what happened, but I can figure that it has
something to do with usr_xattr, not with Beagle.

(BTW : Apolline is the lovely name of my first little daughter, 4 monthes old)

(Strasbourg, France)

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