Re: How to correctly re-index AFTER having set usr_xattr ?

> When I installed first Beagle from Mandriva RPMs (0.2.9), usr_xattr
> was not set, and Beagle worked perfectly.
> Then I have installed the latest Beagle myself, by compiling it, and I
> set usr_xattr.
> PROBLEM : now, Beagle-search cannot find some of the old files it used
> to find before (say, the Apolline_in_her_room.jpg, when I search
> 'Apolline'). I have erased .beagle/  in order to re-index, I have
> switched back with usr_xattr unset, but nothing works. It seems that
> Beagle can only find the new created files with 'Apolline', but not
> the ones that were created before I set usr_xattr.
> I inspected the logs, but all seems to be ok.
> Do you know what I can do ?
> Thank you very much for your help,

Whenever the index is removed, the next time beagle starts it will reindex all 
your files using either xattr or sqlite (in that order of availability). 
Looks like something is stopping beagle from indexing the files in question 
or probably somefile is crashing the indexing process before it is able to 
reach those files. One way to figure out whats happening is to let beagle 
index whatever it can, then when it is quiet and idle, touch one of the files 
and see what comes up in the log. If everything is ok, there should be a 
message saying that the file is being indexed.
There are several more diagnostic tests possible. So post your results and 
then we will continue.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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