How to correctly re-index AFTER having set usr_xattr ?

Hi !

When I installed first Beagle from Mandriva RPMs (0.2.9), usr_xattr
was not set, and Beagle worked perfectly.

Then I have installed the latest Beagle myself, by compiling it, and I
set usr_xattr.
PROBLEM : now, Beagle-search cannot find some of the old files it used
to find before (say, the Apolline_in_her_room.jpg, when I search
'Apolline'). I have erased .beagle/  in order to re-index, I have
switched back with usr_xattr unset, but nothing works. It seems that
Beagle can only find the new created files with 'Apolline', but not
the ones that were created before I set usr_xattr.
I inspected the logs, but all seems to be ok.

Do you know what I can do ?

Thank you very much for your help,

(Strasbourg, France)

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