Re: How to correctly re-index AFTER having set usr_xattr ?

> > I would say you actually found a bug :(. The "touch"ing was meant to
> > figure out the location of the problem. Since you fixed the problem it
> > will be hard to figure out exactly what was causing it. If this happens,
> > please report back.
> Actually, that was more mysterious than that... I took time to
> investigate a little more.
> In fact : all content of this Pictures directory WAS indexed. But the
> search for the word "Apolline" didn't give any result, although it
> gave results with Beagle 0.2.9 and no usr_xattr. As soon as I have
> installed 0.2.11 and set usr_xattr, the search for "Apolline" did not
> work anymore.
> Say : I have the file Apolline_bedroom1.jpg
> Before : "Apolline" gave me right results.
> After : "Apolline" gave me NO result, but with "bedroom", it worked !
> Strange, isn't it ? When I created Apolline_pyjama_rose.jpg in a new
> directory, Beagle find Apolline in this new one, but still nothing in
> the Pictures directory. As I have explained, I had to touch everything
> in this Picture dir in order to have correct results again.
> I don't understand what happened, but I can figure that it has
> something to do with usr_xattr, not with Beagle.

Bad. I dont remember what changed between 0.2.9 and 0.2.11 but lets give it 
another try. You said you built from source. Also, you mentioned that you 
removed your ~/.beagle directory and then reindexed everything - right ?

Go to beagle src directory.
cd beagled
./beagle-dump-index /path/to/Apolline_pyjama_rose.jpg
./beagle-dump-index /path/to/Apolline_bedroom1.jpg

Assuming you last indexed with xattr turned on,
what are the outputs of
getfattr -d /path/to/Apolline_pyjama_rose.jpg
getfattr -d /path/to/Apolline_bedroom1.jpg

(getfattr -d dumps the extended attributes set on a file)

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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