Re: baegle daemon always indexing


Rafał Próchniak wrote:
What I mean is more about 10 minutes (I log in and leave my computer to
download emails, refresh feeds, let beagle index these), so when I start
doing things it's usually quiet and cold. And after I start reading
emails, beagled starts indexing files. I'll try to pay more attention to

It would be good to keep an eye on ~/.beagle/Log (ie, tail -f the files) to see why things pick up around the 10 minute mark.

I'll keep it for some more time... I check index-info regularly and no
surprises there - the amount of files is pretty constant (after initial

I think the bug in 0.2.13 that causes everything to be reindexed might be the cause of this. I noticed a problem in the file system backend today about files not being removed from the index when a root is removed.


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