Re: baegle daemon always indexing


Dnia 28-11-2006, wto o godzinie 11:10 -0500, Joe Shaw napisał(a): 
> There is typically a 60 second delay between the beagled startup and
> when it starts actually indexing your files.  

What I mean is more about 10 minutes (I log in and leave my computer to
download emails, refresh feeds, let beagle index these), so when I start
doing things it's usually quiet and cold. And after I start reading
emails, beagled starts indexing files. I'll try to pay more attention to

> Before you do that, can you take a look at beagle-index-info and see if
> the number of documents thought to be indexed is much higher than you
> expect?

I'll keep it for some more time... I check index-info regularly and no
surprises there - the amount of files is pretty constant (after initial



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