Re: baegle daemon always indexing


On Tue, 2006-11-28 at 10:46 +0100, Rafał Próchniak wrote:
> And if I start beagled with exercise the dog, it starts indexing
> everything (again). 

This is a known bug and fixed in CVS.

> What is even more strange (at least for me) - after I log in beagled is
> not active (but running), it starts indexing as soon as I start using
> the computer (reading mail, whatever). 

There is typically a 60 second delay between the beagled startup and
when it starts actually indexing your files.  This is to let the login
process "settle down" in terms of starting processes, reading from disk,
etc. so that beagle doesn't slow down login by reading a bunch of files.

> In the next few days I'll try to remove my beagle folder and index
> everything again...

Before you do that, can you take a look at beagle-index-info and see if
the number of documents thought to be indexed is much higher than you


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