Re: baegle daemon always indexing


I indexed all my documents with exercise the dog and still 0.2.13 is
indexing files in folders I don't put any new files into... My .beagle
folder is already 50% bigger (300MB > 200MB) than with beagle
0.2.12/11/10 (and there was no significant change in the number of
files/emails on my disc, only feeds maybe). 

At first I thought it was TextCache, but now it is Indexes folder that
grows all the time. 

I didn't notice any change in the number of results beagle 0.2.13
returns comparing to earlier versions. 

And if I start beagled with exercise the dog, it starts indexing
everything (again). 

What is even more strange (at least for me) - after I log in beagled is
not active (but running), it starts indexing as soon as I start using
the computer (reading mail, whatever). 

Is it possible that the problem is I'm still on dapper (with Mono

I've attached exceptions, or shall I file a bug and attach full beagle logs?

In the next few days I'll try to remove my beagle folder and index
everything again...



Attachment: exceptions.tar.bz2
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