Re: reason why beagle doesnt index

Theres a good chance that the symlinks are messing the gaim backend
up, as I don't think it has all the good filesystem logic that the fsq
does. We could probably have it try and handle that more
intelligently, could you file a bug so we don't lose this in the grand
mess of things?

-Kevin Kubasik

On 7/17/06, Andreas Heinz <dashboard a80 net> wrote:
some feedback :)

i tested with: mono_external_encoding=iso-8859-1. now it can read the files.

but right now i have new problems :( (i hope i don't bother you too much)
i wanted to try out joe's new gaim backend. so i tried to build beagle
from cvs in my ubuntu. after some problems, it build fine and runs. (i
added the info for building from cvs to the wiki)
but now i get following errors in the logs:
"060717 1402539793 06093 Beagle ERROR: Couldn't write attributes for

for me it seems like beagle tries to use EAs which it can't use for my
gaim logs since they are symlinked to a nfs share and on my harddisk
because of xfs. dont know if the symlink can be a problem.

after having run beagle for about a hour, some of the information which
comes out of the gaim logs is reachable from beagle-query. but i don't
know why the gaim logs know make problems.

could this gaim problem result from rebuilding my gaim index, because of
joe's "rewrite" of the gaim backend?

bye and thanks very much

Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> hmm, for me, it wouldn't exactly still be a bug (at least not for us,
> probably the mono folks) but we would want to make people aware of it.
> Cheers,
> Kevin Kubasik
> 240-838-6616
> Andreas Heinz wrote:
>> Hi Kevin,
>> afaik the file had also "äöü" in it?! ah ok i just read that it was "not
>> exactly correct".
>> i didn't try to set mono_external_encoding as i was just to tired
>> yesterday. if it works with mono_... is it, in your opinion, still a
>> bug? or just a matter of information the user?
>> at the moment my pc at home is not powered up, so i can't testt. i'll
>> let you know when i'm at home.
>> bye
>> Andreas
>> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
>> Ok... hmmm
>> kjk38 kjk38-laptop:~$ beagle-extract-content ./aäoöuü.txt
>> ?Filename: file:///home/kjk38/aäoöuü.txt
>> Debug: Loaded 47 filters from /usr/lib/beagle/Filters/Filters.dll
>> Filter: Beagle.Filters.FilterText
>> MimeType: text/plain
>> Content:
>>  auo
>> (no hot content)
>> was my result, not exactly correct, but not the issue your having. I
>> think you may have a Mono bug though at first glance. Did you try
>> setting MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS? If your not sure of what to do, this
>> might work, but if you know your encoding, thats better
>> Let me know, and I'm on the IRC btw if you wanna find me there (kkubasik
>> at, and I'm usually in #dashboard)
>> Cheers,
>> Kevin Kubasik
>> 240-838-6616
>> Andreas Heinz wrote:
>>>>> Hi Kevin,
>>>>> nothing easier than that ;)
>>>>> It's a mp3 file, but since it's not the problem of being an audio file
>>>>> but a problem how it is named, i just created a text file with some
>>>>> german umlaut creating the same error message. right now i'm not sure
>>>>> how my system encodes file names, but i think it was something like
>>>>> isoXXXX.
>>>>> i have attached the text file. filename is aäoöuü.txt ;)
>>>>> bye
>>>>> Andreas
>>>>> PS: at the moment i havent filed a bug report. i'll do this tomorrow.
>>>>> Kevin Kubasik wrote:
>>>>> 1) Could you please file this in the gnome bugzilla so we don't lose it?
>>>>> 2) Is there any chance you could attach the file so one (or all of us)
>>>>> could test it? If its personal, could you maybe e-mail it to me at
>>>>> kevin kubasik net? If its uber-personal (trying out my German ;) ) could
>>>>> you perhaps create another file which replicates this error?
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Kevin Kubasik
>>>>> 240-838-6616
>>>>> Andreas Heinz wrote:
>>>>>>>> hi there again,
>>>>>>>> i just tested with beagle-extract-content what beagle gets from a
>>>>>>>> file which is not in my index.
>>>>>>>> [Invalid UTF-8]
>>>>>>>> Cannot determine the text encoding for argument 1 ("file with some
>>>>>>>> german umluats, didn't look nice;)").
>>>>>>>> Please add the correct encoding to MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS and try
>>>>>>>> again.
>>>>>>>> first, shouldn't the user be informed about this?
>>>>>>>> second, should the wrong encoding of a file (from the view of beagle)
>>>>>>>> name lead to not indexing the file at all? for me this doesnt make
>>>>>>>> that much sense, but maybe i'm overseeing some important stuff :)
>>>>>>>> hope this is the reason why the files didn't get indexed.
>>>>>>>> thanks again for an answer
>>>>>>>> Andreas
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Kevin Kubasik

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