Re: Call to test CVS


Dnia 12-12-2006, wto o godzinie 14:46 -0500, Joe Shaw napisał(a):

> Hmm, so this still isn't working as designed?  Autostart should be on by
> default with the files installed into /etc/xdg/autostart, and those
> settings overridden by changes written to ~/.config/autostart.

I've found some bugs on this, but I couldn't really decide whether they
were relevant or not. See for example:

But I wanted to experiment anyway and - I don't know why - I came up
with an idea to put the following two lines into autostart files
in /etc/xdg/autostart


Well, guess what? So far it works... It is possible to enable/disable
beagle via preferences... 

> Do searches work?  I think this might be a problem of beagle-search
> starting before beagled and not establishing a connection right away.
> Check your beagled logs for the "Sending indexing status change"
> message.
Not every log contains it. I'll try to figure it out. 

> This is probably because of the changes to the archive filter to only
> index up to 30 items for now.  Unless this is off by a huge factor.

For emails this factor is huge (25%), but I guess this is because of
reindexing with previous versions. I didn't notice any missing

> Unfortunately yes.  Beagle only sets up inotify watches on a directory
> once it has crawled them.  

I just wanted to make sure. 



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