Re: Call to test CVS


Dnia 04-12-2006, pon o godzinie 16:08 -0500, Joe Shaw napisał(a):     
>         * Making sure the date/time issues are all fixed; 
Do I have to remove old indexes after upgrading beagle? I compiled CVS
version after dBera's email about reverted patch and it seemed to start
indexing everything again (like 0.2.13). 

I don't remember beagle's behavior before, but should it go through all
liferea feed items after startup? When I run beagled --fg, I can see a
lot of "Debug: +http://some-liferea-feed-item";... 
>         * The "automatically start search services" checkbox in
>         beagle-settings now actually uses the GNOME (soon
> autostart system.  Please check that it does
>         the right thing.
Well, it enables beagle, but I couldn't disable it. After disabling
beagle in beagle-settings the files in ~/.config/autostart get
"X-GNOME-autostart-enabled=false", but the files in /etc/xdg/autostart
don't. And beagled/beagle-search start automatically. I use gnome 2.14.3
(Dapper). An option to disable beagle-search autostart would be nice
too. (Or is it up to distros to patch this?)

>         * Changes to the way indexing is done; in particular we want to
>         make sure that archive contents and mail attachments are indexed
>         and searched correctly.
Does beagle-index-info for files count attachments too? I was wondering:
is there any possible way to count items that beagle should index?
Using some magic scripts or other CLI voodoo? 

And one more thing, output of beagle-index-info after indexing:

Name: EvolutionMail
Count: 24256
Crawling: False (-2147483648%)



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