Re: Call to test CVS


It's so great to see beagle getting better all the time. Some of my
results with yesterday afternoon's cvs. 

1. I had to delete files from /etc/xdg manually to make it possible to
enable/ disable beagle on start-up. So the files in ~/.config work ok. 

2. I've seen this twice, so maybe there's something into it: when I
opened beagle-search from the notification area for the first time after
log in, no indication of indexing showed up. After I quit and started
beagle-search again (also with --icon), the box was there.

3. The amount of files and emails indexed is different than with last
week's cvs. Is it possible that it was caused by reindexing by previous

4. No reindexing so far - everything seems ok for me. 

And a question about inotify. I created a document when beagled was
disabled. I opened, changed and saved it while beagled was running
again. But for beagle to find it I had to wait until it crawled the
folder the file was in. Is it expected behavior? 


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