Re: Call to test CVS


On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 16:38 +0100, Stephan Hegel wrote:
> A bit strange, even with an empty index, beagle reports to remove files or
> directories from the index before adding them again:
> Debug: -file:///home/beagle/tests
> Debug: +file:///home/beagle/tests

This is normal, it removes any references to the old URI before adding

> And, indeed, it stops indexing after a short while. Even when the final message
> appears before it has finished:
> Debug: Done crawling files!!!
> Debug: -file:///home/beagle/tests/Miriquidi.Bike.Trails/saidenbach_files/Sbt_13.gif
> Debug: -file:///home/beagle/tests/Miriquidi.Bike.Trails/saidenbach_files/Sbt_05.gif
> Debug: +file:///home/beagle/tests/Miriquidi.Bike.Trails/saidenbach_files/Sbt_13.gif
> Debug: +file:///home/beagle/tests/Miriquidi.Bike.Trails/saidenbach_files/Sbt_05.gif

This too is normal, because the task which crawls files spawns
additional tasks to actually index the files.  So the crawler task
finishes while there are still indexing tasks scheduled.

> However: beagle-shutdown still doesn't work.

Do you still see the message about being unable to connect to the
daemon, or is it just hanging, or what?

> But: the notification area in beagle-search does not disappear. Only a restart of
> beagle-search makes it going away.

Does your log have any messages like this one?

        Debug: Sending indexing status change from NotRunning to Running
That would tell us whether or not notifications are being correctly sent
to the client.

> Additionally:
> I have tried also to index the contents of an archive called "200302.html.tgz" but
> it does not work as expected. Only when I unpack it, the html file inside is indexed
> and I can access its contents via beagle-search.
> Interesting: when I run beagle-extract-content over the archive the html file does
> not appear in the file list.

Interesting.  Do you see any errors when you run beagle-extract-content
on it?  Are all the other files in the tarball found?


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