Re: Call to test CVS


Thanks a lot for the info!

On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 15:56 +0100, Stephan Hegel wrote:
> Well, I got it this morning, compiled and installed it. I changed the
> configure script that way that the build accepts also gmime-sharp
> 2.1.19. Hope it's not a show stopper.

Nope, that's fine.

> It reports that the index version should be 17 but is 16 or 17.5 and is 16.5
> or something like that:
> Even 16.0, expected 17.-1 ???

That's fine.  It just means that it expects major version 17 and doesn't
care what the minor version is.

> Thats fine. However, when I try to stop beagle I get an error message:
> [51]/home/steve: beagle-shutdown
> ERROR: The Beagle daemon does not appear to be running
> But it's still running. This command used to work - I did it several times.

Is there any corresponding information in the logs when you try to run
this?  I'll look into this, see if I can reproduce.

> >         * Making sure the date/time issues are all fixed; local times
> >         should be reported correctly in the user interfaces, and files
> >         shouldn't be frequently reindexed because of a confusion between
> >         local time and UTC.
> Beagle is indexing since more than ten hours ... it's permanently removing
> and adding the same files to the index. In the user interface I can see
> only month and day, but not time. No way to compare the time - or have I
> missed something here ?

Yeah, this isn't right. :)  How big is your hard drive?  Roughly how
many directories do you have?

The DateTime stuff that would cause files to be reindexed isn't so much
a UI issue as it is the date and time that are stored in the extended
attributes that flag that when a file has been indexed.

Can you send me a tarball of your ~/.beagle/Log directory?  I'm
wondering if possibly you ran out of inotify watches.


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