Re: Beagle indexing of , Scuttle or other social bookmarking tags?

>>> Joe Shaw <joeshaw novell com> 12/04/06 3:24 PM >>> 

> It is possible to hook Beagle up to these remote sources, as I'm sure
>you know.  There is a sample Google search backend which forwards
>searches onto Google and returns the results.

Thanks for the input Joe and dBera. 

One potential clarification on my thinking: I'm reaching for indexing with my own tagging only, not with the total data set...although this distinction may not change anything in your replies. The use case I'm reaching for is, like Beagle, constrained to finding content that I have previously viewed (and in this case tagged) contrast to discover of "new to me" content.

That said, your replies get me thinking about a broader Google and mash-up, with the resulting chuckle regarding hooking together competitors (with the Yahoo! acquisition), using tags to further boost Google relevancy. Outside the scope of this mailing list, although the thought also takes me back to what I really want is a SINGLE desktop search box that has an easy interface to constrain or expand scope across: 'universe', 'socially tagged internet, including what I have never viewed',  'only what I have previously viewed', 'intranet', 'my hard-drive' (or similar classification of broad to narrow scope, including the total universe of accessible content)     


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