Beagle indexing of , Scuttle or other social bookmarking tags?

As anyone through through this potential mash-up already? 

Related to "too many different search boxes in my life"... 

Have been using lately (alas also thinking that I should in addition, or instead, use Scuttle  or some other Open Source alternative for 'social bookmarking') and am reaching for ability gain the additional power of index of my tags and comments when I do a Beagle search -- i.e. using index to increase relevancy of web site returns within Beagle, or perhaps even list my tag window as a return? Thus, remove the search box as one of my routine search box choices (leaving 'only' Google , Beagle and secure intranet boxes).   

I searched in bugzilla and the mailing list archive, but couldn't find any mention, so I ask here. 


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