beagle doesn't see new created files - osx spotlight does.

I use Beagle a lot and I love it. But I got in an argument with one
osx guy and is seams that he is right. He said that osx only has this
feature and I said beagle has it also.
When he seraches with spotlight for some nonexisting term like "blah
blah blah" he gets no hits, so he creates a desktop file and writes
"blah blah blah" in it. The second he saves it the result comes up in

I tried this with my fedora core 6 desktop and beagle and it doesn't
work! I tried saveing in my home folder, also no good!

Even after a few days beagle still doesn't get and hits for "blah" search term!

Can you tell me why is this not working?

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