Re: Thunderbird Indexing

Rick Friedman wrote:
> Thanks to your message I discovered what is going on. The Thunderbird
> backend is actually contained in the Debian package:
> beagle-backend-evolution.
> Of course, since I don't use evolution, I did not have this installed. I
> decided to install it. Unfortunately it installed a whole mess of
> dependencies including the evolution package itself. It's rather
> annoying to have to install a package I won't be using (evolution) just
> to get the Thunderbird backend.
> sigh
> Rick

It's not really "urgent" anymore but I've been building beagle-cvs-debs
for myself for some time now. I don't use evolution either (why should
I, if I use thunderbird?).

I don't know if I'm allowed to, but I dare to send
"beagle-backend-thunderbird" (compiled from cvs today) to the list.
Hope, that's okay for you.


Attachment: beagle-backend-thunderbird_0.2.8.deb
Description: application/deb

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