Re: How to obtain some dependencies

I caught myself hitting the reply-button again, so I fear noone could
read my earlier response. Read history to be in the know (what an advice).

> Really appreciate the prompt and helpful replies from Mathew Nicholson
> and Alex.
You're welcome.

> I went ahead and used the 'apt-get build-dep' command. Did it from
> /usr/lib, the directory in which the beagle source seems to be
> located.
"apt-get build-dep" does only fetch and install packages like "apt-get
install foobar2.0-100". There is no right or wrong directory you can
fire this command from.

> I'm afraid I don't know what ' re-use the debian folder for the 0.2.8
> source packag' means. Does it mean that I should run the command from
> /usr/lib, where the Beagle source code resides? I'm not sure what I
> would do once this command was run.

Ok. I see, I was too fast. Run "apt-get source beagle" inside a
directory where you want to mess around with your sources (:-). You will
get some archives and a folder named beagle-whatever. If you navigate
your terminal into this directory and fire "dpkg-buildpackage -b
-rfakeroot" (for example) you will get all the .debs you possibly want.

To build packages you need a debian folder inside the source directory.
You can start packaging from scratch but I would not recommend this for
a beginner. This is why I suggested getting (per apt-get source) the
official Ubuntu source and copying the debian folder to the official
0.2.8 source code directory - and forgot to mention, that you should add
an entry to the debian/changelog file stating that you are comiling
0.2.8 and not 0.2.7.

Alltogether this could become quite difficult, so I offered you my
packages (and further support, if you want it). Those aren't perfect but
work perfectly.

> Alex also kindly offered his own files. I really appreciate this, but
> I'd rather learn how to go about getting the necessary files myself,
> as you did.

Because you are using a Debian system I would strongly advice you not to
use "./configure && make && make install" after getting the build deps
for beagle. Debian offers such a nice packaging-system.

Greets from Austria,

>> Alex wrote:
>> You could do »apt-get source beagle« and re-use the debian folder for
>> the 0.2.8 source package.
>> Btw I'm running beagle 0.2.8cvs on my system (Debian) here, which has
>> support for Thunderbird compiled in. I could send you the packages, if
>> you want to.
>> Haim Roitgrund schrieb:
>>> Hello.
>>> Running Ubuntu Dapper.
>>> The beagle project home page has a detailed list of dependencies to be
>>> insalled.
>>> Some of them, such as mono-web, mono-data and mono-data-sqlite, I have a
>>> hard time finding, either in the Ubuntu repositories or on the net.
>>> Does the distro package take care of that?
>>> Do I have to have all of the above packages?
>>> If I do, is it OK to compile them after the package install? Have to let
>>> beagle know that new files were installed?
>>> Thanks for any help...
>>> Jackn
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