Re: Thunderbird Indexing

Pierre Östlund wrote:
> Indexing of Thunderbird mails should happen automatically. Does
> beagle-index-info show the Thunderbird backend? Could you also attach a
> recent log file in order to make debugging easier?
> Thanks!
> Pierre

As it turns out, it seems that the 0.2.8-1 version of Beagle in Debian
Sid simply does not include the Thunderbird backend!

At the command line, I entered beagled --list-backends and got the

rick chisum:~$ beagled --list-backends
Current available backends:
Debug: '/usr/lib/beagle/Backends' is not a directory: Nothing loaded
from here
 - KMail
 - Files
 - GaimLog
 - IndexingService
 - Tomboy
 - Blam
 - Liferea
 - Akregator
 - KonquerorHistory
 - Kopete
 - applications
 - documentation
 - windows

So, it seems it's not in Debian's 0.2.8-1 version. I started to report
this to Debian when I found a bug report had already been entered:

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