Re: beagle queryable for Gentoo installed ebuilds

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 06:48, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> I defiantly agree, multiple indexies is a huge waste. However, we do
> this with some stuff, like filtering manpages and applications,
> perhaps we should consider adding a default system wide index location
> (like /var/beagle) and start including all those indexies there.

I thought /var/lib/cache/beagle/indexes was for this?

> This is exactly the issue, the static queryiable doesn't handle
> live/incremental updates well. (or at all at this point) by having our
> own crawling/change/event handling code we can significantly decrease
> the overhead of updates.

It does handle incremental updates somewhat, if you run beagle-build-index 
you'll see which files it is updating. For no changed files you'll see no 
output (except for the memory status). It isn't live though.

> My other thought is that gentoo's update system does modify a lot of
> files, more so than most systems (as there is no real versioning) and
> most users just type an emerge --sync or similar and can have 100
> ebuilds change a day, and easily over 500 a week. Debian (especially
> stable) defiantly leans toward a more static system, but of all the
> package managers, I was under the impression that gentoo was the most
> dynamic....

I am considering only the installed packages here, not the whole portage tree. 
That only changes when packages are updated, installed or removed. For Gentoo 
I still think live updates are not needed, Gentoo discourages emerge --sync 
more than once a day anyway. However beagle-build-index will need some 
performance improvments here. It takes longer to process a static index that 
hasn't changed than to generate a new one, at least for the ebuild files.

> My $0.02, just playing devil's advocate to explore everything. Also, I
> don't want anyone thinking I'm an authority on any of this, last time
> I used gentoo was over a year ago.....

It's better to ask questions before major coding is done ;) 

Pat Double, pat patdouble com
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