Re: Gentoo / inotify

I think this is a question for Robert, but am sending to list just in
case any of the other Gentoo users are interested. 

There's been some recent chatter around inotify in Fedora/SuSE etc, but
as a Gentoo user I'm wondering if Robert - or anyone else for that
matter - has an update on inotify versioning in gentoo-dev-sources. 

Robert did a great job getting the Gentoo devs to include it, but when I
was looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest Beagle, I saw from the
wiki (
20Kernel#Gentoo) that Gentoo's fallen a bit behind in terms of versions.

Being curious as to when - or if - I might get 0.18 - as I'm sure a few
other Gentoo folks are I thought I'd ping the list. 

If the answer is "go talk to the Gentoo folks," no worries, but thought
I'd ask. 

- sog

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