Re: Gentoo / inotify

> There's been some recent chatter around inotify in Fedora/SuSE etc, but
> as a Gentoo user I'm wondering if Robert - or anyone else for that
> matter - has an update on inotify versioning in gentoo-dev-sources. 

You can quite easily update your version of inotify. Just:

- emerge gentoo-dev-sources
- go to your distfiles and look for a tar.gz file named
- unpack the inotify patch to your kernel directory
- patch -p1 -R < inotify_patch (to reverse the patch)
- download the patest 0.18 patch from Robert
- patch -p1 < latest_inotify_patch 

Here you go. The bigger problem is - the latest version of dbus in
portage can't be build with mono bindings (they (temporarily?) removed
the 'mono' USE flag). I can't clearly understand why.

But you can download the latest dbus source and just:
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install 

...over the previously emerged version of dbus (to get the init scripts,

I think I'm also suffering from the "big fonts" issue. Maybe the gecko
component uses different DPI settings than the desktop itself? 

Michał Dominik K.
mdk mdk org pl

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