Re: Gentoo / inotify

Hi Stephen,

stephen o'grady wrote:
I think this is a question for Robert, but am sending to list just in
case any of the other Gentoo users are interested.

How about the current Gentoo kernel maintainer ? :)

There's been some recent chatter around inotify in Fedora/SuSE etc, but
as a Gentoo user I'm wondering if Robert - or anyone else for that
matter - has an update on inotify versioning in gentoo-dev-sources.
Robert did a great job getting the Gentoo devs to include it, but when I
was looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest Beagle, I saw from the
wiki (
20Kernel#Gentoo) that Gentoo's fallen a bit behind in terms of versions.

The 2.6.10 releases come with inotify 0.17. I've been holding off keeping this branch unnecessarily up-to-date with the latest inotify versions because some users got bitten when I did this in the past. While there are no open bugs related to the current version of inotify I keep in gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.10, I'm not inclined to update it - I try to make each version more stable with each release rather than taking risks :)

Being curious as to when - or if - I might get 0.18 - as I'm sure a few
other Gentoo folks are I thought I'd ping the list.

I make the more major changes in sync with Linus' releases. So our first 2.6.11 patchset will include Robert Love's latest inotify patch at the time of release.

You can see more about the my preliminary 2.6.11 work at the end of this page:
I am aware that there is a newer inotify patch now, it will be updated before the initial 2.6.11 release is made.


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