Re: Beagle and Thunderbird

> the "view in thunderbird" url is:
> 43A2E8B6 3000501 foobar net&action=d&s=6RPolvLqGXsw94VzampdPXdrozU

Just what I feared - the email opening is handled by GDS itself - and
as Kevin says, probably using Thunderbird api.
So, the next step is for someone to write a small program to take some
kind of message identifier and open in it thunderbird. (are those id
things in the URL file offsets for that email ?)

On 12/19/05, Kevin Kubasik <kevin kubasik net> wrote:
> Of course another simple alternative would be to make a temporary
> folder in Thunderbird called like 'Beagle Results' and place a copy of
> the desired message there.... its not a solution, but it might be an
> acceptable triage until we figure out something better.

Well mairix does that. But even that is not straightforward:
1) extract the text for that email from the "huge" mbox file => might
have to store file offsets for the begin and end in the index
2) append that text to the specified mbox folder "beagle results" -
deal with mbox locking
3) not necessary, but then ask thunderbird to open "beagle results" folder.

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