Re: Beagle and Thunderbird

> > 2. Thunderbird keeps mail in ~/.thunderbird and beagle does not index
> > hidden directories unless a backend explicitly states that there is
> > data there.
> As far as you can change the place where Thunderbird keeps mail it
> should look for the actual location of mails in the prefs.js file. This
> was one of the previous problems of the Copernic indexer.

That is not exactly the problem. Parent post was merely highlighting that 
thunderbird mails need to be handled by a special backend and _cannot_ be 
handled by the usual file system backend.

> > 3. Having mail without context is not very useful; beagle wouldn't
> > know how to open it. So, after searching, you'd have to open
> > thunderbird manually and do that same search again.
> So, there is any hope of a Thunderbird Backend after all?

This is one major problem (to me it is _the_ major problem). Thunderbird keeps 
its mails in mbox format. Suppose beagle told you that the 3rd email in the 
the mbox file /home/.mozilla/thunder/bird/directory/some/folder/mbox/file is 
one of your search result. Nobody knows (or atleast I havent found) a way to 
open the 3rd email of that mbox file via thunderbird. (Evolution backend has 
a special way uri scheme by which you can open any email in an mbox file. 
KMail backend relies on the mbox:/ kio_slave to do the same.)
Unless there is a way to open a search result, there isnt much sense in 
indexing them.

- dBera

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