Re: epiphany frontend updated

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 18:10, Joe Shaw wrote:
> [ sigh, always send with the wrong email address.  -j ]

Likewise, I see on gnome planet that one of the Gnome (or is he
Evo) guys repeated my wish for saying "Always use that account
when sending to this address".  One day...

> On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 16:41, Andrew Ruthven wrote:
> > I've rewritten the patch for Epiphany as a plugin, but it's still
> > against 1.0.x.  I think it'd be better to modify it to work as
> > an extension for 1.1.x then have a straight patch.
> Yeah, I agree.  If we're going to require people to build stuff anyway,
> might as well be latest and greatest. :)  Moving to 1.1.x is probably a
> good idea.

Ahhhh...  But using the stable branch means that it's more likely
to work...  And you don't have to chase the dependency chain,
compiling 1.1.x is not a trivial task at the moment unless you
already have the entire Gnome 2.5 environment built.  That's a
small percentage of people.

But yes, we need to have the bits for 1.1.x written so that the
modifications that required to Ephy can be in there for the
release due soonish.  Yes, a patch for Ephy is required to allow
us to fetch the page content.

> > I've been meaning to work on Ephy 1.1.x stuff, but I've had some
> > issues compiling Gnome 2.5 on my machine.  I now have Garnome
> > working, but Ephy 1.1.1 crashes as soon as I try to run it...
> > Who knows, maybe one day it'll work for me.
> I use jhbuild to build from CVS, myself, but I haven't built ephy 1.1.

I was trying to use jhbuild last month but it broke even harder
than garnome.  :(

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