Re: epiphany frontend updated

Hi Joe (and others)

I've rewritten the patch for Epiphany as a plugin, but it's still
against 1.0.x.  I think it'd be better to modify it to work as
an extension for 1.1.x then have a straight patch.

If you want to have a look in at the plugin as it stands, it is
in the ephyplugins module on Savannah.  See
For details (search for Epiphany).

I've been meaning to work on Ephy 1.1.x stuff, but I've had some
issues compiling Gnome 2.5 on my machine.  I now have Garnome
working, but Ephy 1.1.1 crashes as soon as I try to run it...
Who knows, maybe one day it'll work for me.


On Fri, 2003-12-26 at 07:06, Joe Gasiorek wrote:
> The epiphany patch/frontend that is currently in dashboard cvs is from
> July.  I fixed it up so that it compiles and it sends the url and page
> title to dashboard.  Since I am not that familiar with the epiphany code
> I did not figure out how to get epiphany to send the content to
> dashboard.  Please feel free to fix this up, the code is all there, i'm
> sure there is just one line that is incorectly coded.  This patch
> apply's to Epiphany-1.1.1 which is the unstable (gtk-2.3) branch.
> Anyway, here are the patch and gentoo ebuild stuff:
> dashboard.patch
> r1.ebuild
> 1.1.1-r1
> P.S. I will be away for about a week, so I am sorry I will not be able
> to follow up on this patch for a while.  Happy Holidays.
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