Re: epiphany frontend updated

[ sigh, always send with the wrong email address.  -j ]

On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 16:41, Andrew Ruthven wrote:
> I've rewritten the patch for Epiphany as a plugin, but it's still
> against 1.0.x.  I think it'd be better to modify it to work as
> an extension for 1.1.x then have a straight patch.

Yeah, I agree.  If we're going to require people to build stuff anyway,
might as well be latest and greatest. :)  Moving to 1.1.x is probably a
good idea.

> I've been meaning to work on Ephy 1.1.x stuff, but I've had some
> issues compiling Gnome 2.5 on my machine.  I now have Garnome
> working, but Ephy 1.1.1 crashes as soon as I try to run it...
> Who knows, maybe one day it'll work for me.

I use jhbuild to build from CVS, myself, but I haven't built ephy 1.1.


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