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On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 19:44, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:
Cool, I had a look over your branches to try and help you out converting them, but there are many, and I do not know the difference!

I just pushed a config-unstable branch with my code to the Gnome Git. As I said, some of that code might be pretty broken and outdated.

The dataproviders list I sent was outdated, here is one based on current master (also as I said, it's not 100% accurate):

[FAIL] Google Contacts
[FAIL] YouTube
[FAIL] Folder
[FAIL] Shutterfly
[FAIL] Picasa
[FAIL] Files
[FAIL] SmugMug
[FAIL] Google Documents
[FAIL] Test Need Configure

I believe only the Google (including Picasa and YouTube) and the Folder/Files modules are harder to complete, while the other ones are pretty easy (or even already done on the config-unstable branch).
I havent worked in the DBus interface yet.

It just needs a minimal amount of code to bring up a single config window per dataprovider, as we briefly discussed in email. I just didnt get around to it yet.

Yes, it shouldnt be hard, I just didnt had the time to look at it.
* The new settings serialization stuff has been finished (see new-settings branch)

I'm still seeing some bugs moving from the old settings file to the new one. I'm still unable to track down the reason.

I am still tempted to not bother upgrading config files, but then that is just because I am a bad maintainer :-) .......

The reason I pushed for compatibility is because it is just so easy, the file format is basically the same, the only reason we are bumpng the version is because older Conduit versions will not be able to read it without generating an error.
And btw, I'm not sure the bugs come from the transition from older files, it's just that I've observed that behaviour in that situation.
Alexandre Rosenfeld

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