Re: Moving to Git

I've been meaning to post this for a while but forgot about it. I made a list of currently not converted modules (automatically with a test script). It's not 100% accurate, and it doesnt mean a module not on the list is working, it just mean it has been converted (I tried all of the converted modules and they worked for me). Here is the list of missing modules for the master branch:

[FAIL] Google Contacts *
[FAIL] YouTube *
[FAIL] Folder *
[FAIL] Backpack Notes *
[FAIL] Shutterfly *
[FAIL] Picasa *
[FAIL] Facebook *
[FAIL] Files
[FAIL] SmugMug *
[FAIL] Banshee Playlists *
[FAIL] Google Documents *
[FAIL] Test Need Configure

Modules with * means I already worked on them, but they are either broken or incomplete. Specially the Google module requires the new-settings branch and some more work. The other were in my config-unstable branch, which I have to port to the Gnome Git as soon as possible (probably manually from the github branch).

Cool, I had a look over your branches to try and help you out converting them, but there are many, and I do not know the difference!
I havent worked in the DBus interface yet.

It just needs a minimal amount of code to bring up a single config window per dataprovider, as we briefly discussed in email. I just didnt get around to it yet.

* The new settings serialization stuff has been finished (see new-settings branch)

I'm still seeing some bugs moving from the old settings file to the new one. I'm still unable to track down the reason.

I am still tempted to not bother upgrading config files, but then that is just because I am a bad maintainer :-) .......


Alexandre Rosenfeld

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