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On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 8:45 AM, Alexandre <airmind gmail com> wrote:

Now that Gnome moved to git, I wanted to move my branches to the Gnome git. I understood the procedure to move the changes from one branch to another (I havent done it yet, so I dont know if it'll work for me),

This may also be helpful

but I dont quite understand how to move my branches to Gnome git. For instance, I have some branches in my GitHub account:, but I dont want to move all of them to the Gnome git, as some of them are not very useful and others I was testing patches.

This is a confusing situation, becase AIUI

1) you will need to recreate your github repo to be a clone of gnome git,
a) Backup your local clone of github
b) Deleting your existing github repo from the web interface
2) Rebase your existing repos onto the new clone
3) Push all branches to github
4) Push selected branches to gnome

I really want Jc2k to explain to you how to do this, as he wll need to move his own conduit repos from github to gnome now, or at least he will need to rebase them.

But I still want to have the ability to create public and temporary branches, for testing patches and other small changes. Do Gnome provide some kind of personal repository for my branches? I'm not sure that is even what I want.

Well to create a branch on gnome git, just push to it

git clone git://
git checkout -b new-branch
git push origin new-branch

Anyway, could someone explain to me or point me somewhere else I can know more about the commit workflow now that Gnome moved to git? For instance, how does the prepare-Changelog script works with Git?

I am still deciding what to do with the ChangeLog.

I think we can just deal with the pain of updating it manually for now, until the next release. After then I will auto-generate it from the git commit log. I will release the next release (0.3.16) when
* The new config stuff has been completed (required for all dataproviders except FileModule)
   - And the Dbus interface has been ported to work with it
* The new settings serialization stuff has been finished (see new-settings branch)


Alexandre Rosenfeld

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