Re: Web Site is Down

On Feb 13, 2008 9:28 AM, Brent Gueth <creeva gmail com> wrote:
> plaxo was my work around on windows to get gcal into outlook - I like
> it and they were responsive with help - current web 2.0 rumors are
> going that Google is going to buy them.  You know how the web buyout
> rumors go however.

Hmm. That would be good if Google got their contact API together.
Conduit SVN supports Gmail contacts, but only as a source (i.e. read

> I wasn't dealing with enclosures - just straight RSS feed items. Since
> I didn't understand what the design was behind the scenes what I was
> hoping for was if I posted an item on my blog - I could then import
> the RSS item into my calender.  If that makes sense to you.   I know
> I'm strange and like strange things.

Ok well my correct explanation should have gone like "Conduit
currently ignores all non enclosure items because I didnt anticipate a
use case for such data existing). In any case I guess I need to go and
learn how ical stuff is presented in an RSS feed!

Filed as:

> Trust me I understand finite quite well.  Each year of my life time
> gets shorter and shorter in almost all ways.
> I'll check the photoset naming - though theoretically (and it won't
> work right now that I said it) I could usea flickr rss feed with the
> picture enclosures and sync that facebook.  After I get everything
> else done i need tonight I'll attempt that.   That way I could keep
> them both up to date.

The RSS enclosure from flickr thing works quite well. I use it
reguarly to follow peoples photos in FSpot


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