Re: Web Site is Down

Hi Brent,

I just checked out your blog post at [1] and had a go at fixing the
problems you mentioned.

1) Is currently a known bug and is filed at [2]. There is much still
to test WRT to google calendar and how it handles ical data.
2) Is a current limitation. The docs should mention that the only RSS
data we currently support is audio/video/picture enclosures. I will
need to do some reading to learn how calendar data is shared via RSS
3) I fixed this annoying folder bug in revision 1300 and tested with a
large folder of pictures uploaded from a folder on my desktop
4) I tested this by syncing a number of photos from a photoset (the
one I just uploaded) to Facebook. It worked fine (see attached)

What version are you running? I am going to do a Conduit 0.3.7 release
this week, or in the weekend, so that should make it into Hardy soon.
I also hear that someone in team conduit is setting up a launchpad PPA




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